Each time I reach this place, I hear your shadow walking with me.

Each time I feel your spirit here I am left with a choice.

I can wallow in anguish over that which is no more.

Or I can revel in the beautiful memories that will last





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Chuy’s Trail Morning


That I might rise before the sun,
Before the waking world’s begun
To sing aloud of another day.
Reticence is my way.


Summer’s Ease


That I might see the greening grass,
Or sparkling snow, and clouds that pass
And beyond them the great wide aquamarine skies
The color of your eyes.


Out Here


That I might feel hot sunny days,
The summer wind as the cottonwood sways.
And driven snow, and chilling cold,
When striking out feels brave and bold.


Avenue Of The Pines


That I might savor this vapor rich
With piney woods and muddy ditch.
The taste of water, clear and cool
Fresh from a springtime pool.




That I might lay me down to sleep
With promises yet to keep,
Feeling sure, as the stars shine above,
I am loved, and so, too, I love.


Chuy the Wonderdog



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On The Trail


Know why we love each other so much?

Neither do I.

Let’s walk.



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Avenue Of The Pines


No excuses. He kept me on task.

You can’t explain things to a dog. Apologize for the inconvenience. Reschedule.

You can’t blame the clock or your hectic schedule or your heavy workload or the demands of others. You can’t text him or leave a voice mail. You can’t thank him for graciously accepting the disappointment. You can’t cancel due to bad weather.

You must deliver.

Seek peace,


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Me: Did you notice, in this light, you and Gus are almost the same color?

Chuy: Color?

Me: Yeah, you know. You’re both mostly black, you have that in common.

Chuy: Black?

Me: Yes. Unlike Doone, who is only a little black.

Chuy: I’m sorry. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Me: The differences. In colors.

Chuy: You forget, dogs are colorblind. Me, you, Gus, Doone. They all look the same to me.

Me: Oh yes, of course. I forgot.

Chuy: Your color thing is useless. Probably why the superior canine is not hobbled so.

Me: What do you mean?

Chuy: Well, it doesn’t tell you anything about what they are like on the inside.


Chuy And Doone


Seek peace.
We mean that.


Paz & Chuy

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The Thinker


From my perch on Earth, looking up into the sky, the turkey vulture is the same size as the Moon.

Eyes can only look.


  • Chuy
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Throne Room



Some people had this thing they called “Earth” day, and I wondered where they lived the other 364.25 days of the year.

  • Chuy



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The Grotto


Guess what’s outside! 

The Whole World!

Come on!


  • Chuy
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Thursday Trail



Sometimes, thinking is just not what we need.

Let’s walk.




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On The Runway



Hey, I’m just one dog.

It’s all I can be. It’s all I can do.

That needs to be enough because it’s all I have.

I don’t waste any time thinking about what I’m not.


How about you?



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