Turkey Vulture

Watch a Turkey Vulture soar.

He climbs higher and higher without a single wingbeat.

Borne aloft on currents created by the warmth of the sun.

So are we buoyed and lifted by the warmth of love, and a joyful heart.


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Real wild animals in the wild (not edited wildlife shows on TV) spend all of their time, day and night, awake and at sleep, with their entire beings seeking the most basic needs.

Food. Water. Safety from predators. This is their life daily.

Humans do themselves a disservice, being so separated and insulated from the real world, that they don’t remember that for all other creatures (and sadly, some humans), this is the fragile thread of life.


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Blizzard of 2010



Burst through doors.

Make an Entrance!




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Dog Mind versus Human Mind

The Reclining Pine

Human Mind:

Human is traveling down the trail, and comes to a place where a tree has fallen across his path.

“I’ll use my brute strength and opposable thumbs to move this out of the way.” he says.

He labors at this, but the tree is far too heavy to move.

“I’ll use my brain and tools, I’ll use a long pole as a lever, and I’ll move the tree from the trail.”

He finds a good lodgepole pine deadfall, and looks all about to find a fulcrum. He finds a rock about 12 inches high, a few hundred feet from the tree. He carries the rock, returns for the pole, and sets them up beside the tree. He labors at this for a while, but determines he’s not heavy enough, even with the power of the lever, to move the tree.

With no saw, Man turns back to retrieve tools to rid the trail of the tree, returning the next day with a chainsaw and helpers.

Dog Mind:

Dog is trotting along the trail and comes to the place where the tree has fallen across its path.

Dog walks around the tree, and continues on.


The moral of the story:

Don’t let your over-sized, over-qualified brain do your thinking for you.


Seek peace,



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We rise with the sun

Death is part of the circle, and one would be wise to remember this always.

We mustn’t dwell on it, but we must be ever aware.

We know the sun will set every day, but we don’t agonize over sunset’s approach.

We make the most of our days with the inner knowledge that each is a gift in finite measure.

You will never catch the sun, so enjoy the days as they come, ever mindful that our blue planet continues to turn, ceaselessly.

  • Chuy
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Home for Christmas

There’s this crazy story about how animals speak at midnight, the moment Christmas Eve becomes Christmas Day.

I must tell you there’s no truth in that.

An animal is unable to speak. 

We are thankful for this.

Imagine never having to apologize for what was said.

Imagine that never a hurtful thing will come from your mouth.

Love is shared with looks and hugs. Silent time spent together.

These are our greatest gifts to one another.

Merry Christmas.


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Forever Friend

My Forever Friend

Remembering you

And that thing

that time.

Once again, you

Bring me laughter.

My Forever Friend.



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