Out Here



Know what Shoulda, Coulda and Woulda did?


Let’s go.




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Thoughts and words come easily now.

Things we did not want to think, nor me to say.

It is this most gracious and wonderous gift you have bestowed upon me:

To have valued our time as precious.


Love always,



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Real World


You must be out in this world if you wish to truly know it.

Come on!



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Blizzard of 2010



My preference: leave the door open.



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Shadows Walk



It’s like Jack Nicholson said to Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets.

“You make me want to be a better person.”

I can never thank you enough, dear friend.




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Perro Linda


The finest gift I ever received

Did not come from a store.

It wasn’t a thing I’d “always wanted”.

Or replacement for that which I’d had before.


It came to me without wrappings.

No boxes or bags, no ribbon or bow.

Where something never existed before,

It started small and continued to grow.


Given without ceremony or occasion,

No holiday or celebration of birth.

No commencement or wedding.

No brand names to declare its worth.


It was not given lightly.

No gag gift or last-minute buy.

Nor was it sized precisely to fit,

In fact it is as big as the sky.


The giver is now departed,

Though his gift remains intact.

It perseveres from beyond the grave.

One must not overlook this fact.


It enriches my life daily,

Even to this day.

Though given many years ago,

It never fades away.


It was your gift of love and kinship,

Stretched across so many years,

From the truest friend I will ever know,

Whose loyal spirit now dries my tears.



  • Paz
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Lilies of The Field



Remember these Tiger Lilies,

This thick underbrush,

This hazy morning.

This Pinnacle Day.





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Heavenly Hill


Embrace silence.

Not the sorrow born of isolation,

But the 

Serenity born of






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Summer Morning


Haven’t you learned this already?

Those things are not real.

The trees, the rain, this trail, me.

These are real.

Ditch that other stuff.



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Waiting Game



I watched you push your painted, half-filled heart up the hill,

Place it on a staff and wave it high

For all to see.


I saw you stumble when tragedy rent your days

Like sails in the hurricane,

How your knees fell atop your emblazoned flag

And crushed it like a grape.


I felt the pain you carried like a rucksack lashed to your chest.

Saw the way you lifted it in front of your eyes until 

You could no longer see the path.


I waited patiently, years perhaps if I knew of time.

Until finally you noticed me.

Watching, feeling, seeing, waiting.


Until  you found a place to set down your pack

Long enough for us to climb this hill,




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