Home for Christmas

There’s this crazy story about how animals speak at midnight, the moment Christmas Eve becomes Christmas Day.

I must tell you there’s no truth in that.

An animal is unable to speak. 

We are thankful for this.

Imagine never having to apologize for what was said.

Imagine that never a hurtful thing will come from your mouth.

Love is shared with looks and hugs. Silent time spent together.

These are our greatest gifts to one another.

Merry Christmas.


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Forever Friend

My Forever Friend

Remembering you

And that thing

that time.

Once again, you

Bring me laughter.

My Forever Friend.



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Chuy in the Leaf Pile

Love as many things in this cosmos as you can.

Like Exercise,

The more we do

The stronger we become.



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Frosty Morning

Dogs don’t waver, hesitate,

Agonize over decisions, put things off,

Consider long-term impacts, seek consensus or

Fret over consequences and outcomes.

(See! Do! Go!)

They simply do what is to be done.

Emulate their spirit.


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Berry Picking

Prompt and encourage your people to 

Walk, run and play.

For all of their big brains and apparent capabilities, 

The grown ones often forget how.

Children do not.

You’d think the older ones would

Know and understand

More than the younger ones.

People are a mystery.

Sometimes you just can’t figure them out.

That’s why we need to

Love Unconditionally.


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Life doesn’t happen by itself.

You must seek out opportunities to add adventure and joy, wonder and solitude,

Service and commitment, play, each in sufficient measure.

Add at every chance to that side of the Great Scale,

And you will tip it in your favor.


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Julie, Ellie, Mam and Chuy

There’s a downside to loving, caring.

Every time you leave, you miss those you love.

When they worry, you worry.

When they suffer, you suffer.

When they cry, you cry.

The heart is akin to a finely crafted musical instrument,

And these are the Heartstrings.

A beautiful instrument can make the somber sounds of heartache,

Woe, and mourning.

The good news is, it can also play

The Most Beautiful Music

You will ever hear.



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