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Some people had this thing they called “Earth” day, and I wondered where they lived the other 364.25 days of the year.

  • Chuy



About Pazlo

Armchair Zen Master, poet, father, husband, fisherman, grandfather, brother, naturalist, son, birdwatcher, uncle, collector of old things, dog person, human.
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2 Responses to Terrestrial

  1. Catwoods says:

    I’m really enjoying your dog pictures and stories, and the other pictures and thoughts on all your sites, Paz. Sadly life is much more complicated due to the virus, so I am not getting the quality reading time at night that I used to, and have actually not read books for quite some time. I hope I can change that soon, I’m slowly working on re-arranging my schedule. Cheers and Meows, Leah

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