Berry Picking

Perhaps there should be Nobel Prizes for non-humans.

In the park, people walking dogs are met with smiles, greetings, “Hello”s in soft, charming tones.

People meeting people without dogs are silent, averting their gaze, heads down, staring blankly forward.

If we could all go around with a dog at our knee, we’d be greeted with smiles and courtesies always.

Perhaps every member of the United Nations should be required to bring their dog to every meeting of the Council.

I think if everyone on the planet walked about with a dog in tow, we’d have a world of sweet “Well Hello There”s.

Perhaps we could, indeed, achieve world peace.


Seek peace,



About Pazlo

Armchair Zen Master, father, fisherman, grandfather, poet, brother, naturalist, collector of old things, dog person, human.
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